WaterBased Urethane

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*This product is intended for professional use only*

Quick Specs:

  • Average Coverage 61m2 per 1 Gal kit, 246m2 per 4 Gal kit
  • Pot life 3 hours
  • Touch dry 4-6 hours
  • Critical recoat time 10-12 hours
  • Light traffic 24 hours
  • Full cure 3-5 days
  • VOC 10g/L
  • 54% Solids

A premium 2-component Water based Urethane provides equal or superior performance to Polyaspartics without any odour, health or environmental issues. E2U Water based Urethane (WBU) is VOC compliant and gives a superior abrasion resistant and UV resistant finish. E2U WBU has been formulated to offer a high performance finish coat for not only floor coatings but architectural concrete applications where odour and ease of use are primary concerns.

Available in Gloss and Matte finish, WBU is typically a two coat application. 

Pigment packs also available here.

Standard pigment colours: