Changing for the better how Australia decorates and protects concrete, steel, and more

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Our background

E2U Australia - the authorised distributor of E2U products down under - was founded by the same people that own and operate MPS Paving Systems Australia(MPS). Specialising in rapid curing and health conscious coatings, E2U Australia brings the latest in resin coating technologies to the Australian market.

MPS, a leader in the construction and asphalt industries, developed the world’s first decorative asphalt system, StreetPrint™.

MPS has a 30 year history of innovation and a proven track record of successfully introducing new ideas and materials to the Australasian market. And is now proud to introduce E2U Australia.

The discovery

Honestly? The truth is, we stumbled on E2U technology watching an episode of US TV show Garage Rehab* on the Discovery Channel!

In the show, E2U products were used to prime and seal a concrete floor contaminated by a massive hydraulic fluid spill during an automotive workshop renovation.

As ground-coating experts, what we saw impressed us so much that we flew to LA to meet the founders and chemists to understand the technology, and assess the products for compatibility with Australia's unique climate and conditions.
*Episode 1, Season2, "Jacob's Garage". 

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Outstanding track record

The ultimate test of our work is time itself. It's good to create a stunning floor; it's better if it's strong, and it's best if it stays that way for years.

E2U has a long history of success.

First introduced in 2009, E2U products and application methods have been used to seal and protect the floors of some of America's most high-profile brands, companies, educational facilities, and Government institutions.

Coupled with the manufacturer's 7-year adhesion warranty for professional applicators when using the company's best-selling 6150RC-based systems*, we had such confidence in E2U that we decided to become Australia and New Zealand's exclusive authorised distributor.