StreetBond Tints

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The perfect addition to StreetBond SB150 Pavement Coatings.

One* tint/colourant per pail of SB150 is generally required. These tints are also compatible with E2U WaterBased Urethane and WaterBased Epoxy however two tints per 4/5 Gal kit will be required for full depth of colour at 2 coats. One tint, or less, to act as a stain.

Due to variations in monitors and device screens, colours shown are a guide only and may vary from the physical product. The SRI (solar reflective index) values of StreetBond are calculated according to ASTM E 1980-01.

Packaging may vary from that shown.

*volume may vary depending on colour choice approx: 470ml - 500ml

*This product is intended for professional use only*