MVB15 – Moisture Vapor Barrier 3 Gal

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E2U Moisture Vapor Barrier (MVB15) kit is a rapid curing, VOC-compliant, two component, 100% Solids Epoxy System for concrete substrates. MVB15 is a moisture vapor barrier that reduces the permeance of moisture vapor to levels that are acceptable for the application of flooring installation systems and floor coverings.

It is compatible with most flooring adhesives and cementitious underlayment's, including all E2U adhesives, primers and underlayment's.

Recommendations for concrete floors and slabs with a compressive strength of at least 2500 psi where moisture vapor transmission of substrate falls between 3 lbs and 15 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. over 24 hours using calcium chloride test per ASTM F1869 and the relative humidity is between 75% and 90% per ASTM F2170 or F2420.

  • - Low odor makes it ideal for interior use
  • - 2:1 mix ratio by volume, 100% solids formulation
  • - Compatible with all E2U flooring adhesives and underlayment's
  • - Unsurpassed adhesion
  • - Excellent chemical and solvent resistance
  • - Block moisture vapor emissions pressure up to 15 lbs