Applicator Gun for 650ml 22oz Dual Cartridges

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Applicator to suit 22oz / 650ml Dual Cartridge Caulk, Polyurea, etc.

E2U Polyurea Crack Filler

Quick Specs:

  • 95% Solids
  • Cured to grind in 20 minutes
  • 650ml Cartridge
  • VOC free

E2U Crack Filler is a 2-component elastomeric sealing polymer system designed to act as a rapid crack injection filler, primarily in concrete. This material has exceptional adhesion characteristics and fast cure times. It is highly chemical resistant, insensitive to water,  abrasion resistant, and remains thermally stable in a range of -29 C to 125 C. It may be used under traditional floor coverings or any of our range of coatings . Crack Filler can be used for heavy traffic warehouse floors, refrigeration floors, chemical spill prone floors, pothole road repair or under tile floors.


6 meters @ W10mm X D10mm