Why should you coat your garage floor with Epoxy?

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One of the most commonly used surfaces in most spaces, such as offices and homes, is a garage floor. Garage floors should be able to withstand harsh conditions and be easy to maintain. It’s also important to make them safe and functional for people walking on them, since they tend to get leaked on frequently, all sorts stored on them, driven on constantly, and stepped on all the time.

For garage floors to survive all the contact that they are likely to encounter each day, they need to be hard and strong. A garage floor that chips, breaks or wears down easily is obviously not something you want. Aside from being inconvenient, this may be a greater threat to safety than a bare slab at home or in a workplace.

Garage floors need to look good as well, even though they have to be safe, functional and tough. Most times, garages are the first sight to behold when entering a home or building because they are usually located at the front or centre of a property. Not to mention it’s where people park their car! As a result, it is necessary for them to look great.

If you are still struggling to choose the best garage floor coating for your space after looking at so many options, then there is good news for you! All your flooring needs can be satisfied with the next advancement in floor-coating systems you are familiar with, epoxy, known as FastFlake from Epoxy2U Australia.

What is the FastFlake flooring system?

As you may know epoxy is an extremely sturdy, durable and versatile material that is a synthetic resin in nature. FastFlake is a ‘system’ made up of two main products; 6150RC 100% solids epoxy, and Polyaspartic85. Due to advancements in chemical composition the FastFlake system utilises epoxy bond strength with accelerated curing and polyaspartic chemical and abrasion resistance. While traditional epoxy ‘systems’ are either purely epoxy or which utilise outdated solvent polyurethane top coats can produce a hard-wearing, resistant and strong surface, FastFlake exhibits superior performance to such systems while having 0 VOC, and install and cure times can be reduced by as much as 75%. It is not only suitable for residential spaces, but it is also ideal for commercial and industrial environments.

What makes FastFlake the best choice for a garage floor? Here’s why:


Cleaners, transmission fluid, bleach, gasoline, oil and other liquid substances as well as UV have no negative effect on the polyaspartic top coat of the system. This is a major reason behind FastFlake floor systems being widely used in the automotive industry and garages. FastFlake floors can withstand cleaners and common chemical spills without being adversely affected, and they are also resistant to water and heat.

Polyaspartic clear coat urethane polyurea

Application of the Polyaspartic85 topcoat


Epoxy floor coatings are generally known for their durability, as they last longer than most other types of floor. FastFlake takes this further, with built in moisture blocking 6150RC base and Polyaspartic85 superior chemical resistance and UV stability, trained applicators regularly offer guarantees far exceeding those from contractors installing less sophisticated systems. For this reason it is commonly used in industrial and commercial spaces because of its long lifespan and durability.


It is definitely one of the most suitable and versatile systems on the market due to its resistance to static, impact, slip, heat, chemicals and abrasion. The FastFlake system can be modified to meet your every need. Particularly levels of slip resistance required. 

One other safety advantage of resin floors in general is it’s less known ability to reflect light off the floor, which helps to improve visibility in your garage or work environment.

Easy Maintenance 

It is very easy to maintain and clean this even and smooth surface. Even with additional slip resistance added. As the polyaspartic topcoat of the FastFlake flooring is extremely hydrophobic it doesn’t allow things like dirt and dust or even house paint to stick to it, which makes it quite easy to clean up a mess off this surface.

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By installing FastFlake you’ll be helping to protect the underlying concrete from cracks, grease, stains and moisture. This can save you a lot of effort and money spent on maintenance and cleaning. Looking at the level and extent of protection it provides throughout its lifespan, it can be considered very reasonably priced.

Prevents Dusting

One very common problem of cement floors in regularly used spaces is powdering and chalking. By utilising FastFlake, you will save yourself the trouble of concrete dusting and keep your garage floor neat.

Saves Time

Unlike the epoxy flooring systems of old, FastFlake has a shorter drying and curing time, and this makes it a huge favourite of contractors and home/business owners alike for coating garage floors. In other words, it has less install time and less downtime, since you can use your garage space shortly after installation. FastFlake is typically installed start to finish the same day and is fully cured for vehicle traffic 24hrs after the topcoat is applied.


6150RC 2Gal

*This product is intended for professional use only*
Quick Specs:
  • Average Coverage: 40m2 per Kit
  • 100% Solids
  • Cured for flake recovery in 2 hours
  • Recoat time: 2 hours
  • Pot life 3-5 minutes
  • Working time on floor: 15-20 minutes
  • Primer/Base Coat in one
  • Moisture blocking ability built in
  • Available primarily in Light Grey and Beige
  • Other colours: please contact us
  • Adhesion warranty*

E2U Epoxy 6150RC (Rapid Cure) is a key component of our FastFlake System. E2U 6150RC is fast curing, VOC compliant, 100% solids, 2-component product for base coats and broadcast coats of colour flake(chip) etc. flooring.

6150RC provides excellent adhesion and hide to concrete in a single coat application.
6150RC also withstands up to 9 lbs (6.9% MC) of moisture vapor emissions removing the need for barrier coats in many situations. E2U 6150RC adheres to damp or dry concrete and gives ample open time for broadcasting media into the coating.

*Full broadcast or pigmented topcoat and proper mechanical preparation is required to get adhesion warranty.

GW 10 kg
More Info

Nothing is ever 100% perfect. Epoxy floor coatings have some downsides which you should take into consideration before deciding what to use. Outlined below the downsides, and how FastFlake has mitigated them as best as is possible:

Preparation and install time

While some epoxy flooring systems take 3-4 days to prepare and install and and a further 5-7 days to cure, FastFlake can be installed on a typical two car garage in 6-8 hours on a single day. Curing time for FastFlake is then only 24 hours.

It can be tedious to prepare an existing floor for the application of epoxy (unless you use CrazyBond! click here), as this process takes a great deal of effort and machinery to do properly. Before applying the epoxy floor coating, it is essential to get the concrete floor clean and free of solvents, oil, grease and other pollutants usually by diamond grinding. It is also necessary to fill cracks and other imperfections prior to coating.

However, the great news is that any good professional floor-coating installers will include any preparation in their methodology and price.


Strong harmful fumes emanate from wet epoxy and even more so from solvent based sealers often used as top coats. Lighter shades of epoxy have less hardeners than the darker shades, and they tend to smell like ammonia after application. However FastFlake mostly does away with this due to containing no harmful solvents or VOCs and very low odour.


Once epoxy cures, it doesn’t breathe, which means that the evaporation of any trapped moisture below the surface can cause a problem. In some cases, there may be buckling or bubbling in the flooring material, and as such, it may be needful to refinish or repair the track.
The 6150RC base coat however has moisture vapour blocking ability built it, so only the very worst of slabs need any extra treatment prior to coating.

Make sure to ask your contractor to test for moisture in the slab, or check yourself, if they aren't checking they are hoping!

You are now completely ready to make a smart decision on resin flooring after knowing the advantages and disadvantages of garage floor epoxy systems compared to the new age of systems such as FastFlake by Epoxy2U Australia.

We also provide a wide range of metallic/marble effects, flake systems and sold colours to enable you make the choice best suited to your needs.

Visit: www.epoxy2uaustralia.com for more information

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